Sunday, February 6, 2011


           Welcome to my ideas and thoughts. The name is Merilyn Ochoa and I am currently a junior at CSUN; where I am majoring in Humanities with a minor in English. My ultimate goal is to become a corporate lawyer which I am sure with perseverance and dedication I will in the somewhat near future accomplish. I am a fulltime student and also have a job its kind of hard trying to balance school, work, and a social life at times but I know there’s plenty of people who have been here done this so I know I can do it. Well enough about me lets get this thing started.

WARNING! This is my first theory class meaning you might read posts on here that might not make sense and I apologize for that.

First day of class….
I kid you not I walked out of class thinking what did I get myself into. I no nothing about the different types of theory besides what the word theory means. You might ask then why are you taking this class? Well I need it in order to graduate had no other choice so I’m here for the ride which I hope is a smooth one. But after attempting to do the readings on Plato I think it might be a bumpy one, eh I guess you can say I’m up for the challenge. During our first class session we were asked “What theory, is your theory?” I was a little confused with the question. I wasn’t really sure what Dr. Wexler was asking us, sad but true. However, after hearing some of my fellow peers responses I began to understand what he was asking from us but, I still wasn’t able to come up with a theory. So one of my goals besides passing and understanding this class is to come up with my theory on theories. Hopefully I post some interesting stuff on here that might capture the attention of someone on the other side of the world. Now that would be awesome!

Overall thought on the class so far….
This upcoming Tuesday will be my third class session and I’m starting to have better a grasp on what Dr. Wexler expects from us and his teaching method. Which may I add is new to me but seems interesting enough to keep me wanting to here more of what my fellow peers think about the readings and overall theme of the class. One thing I am also starting to notice is that there might not be any wrong answers to any of the questions Dr. Wexler proposes to us which is a plus because we get to basically give our insight to what we think and build from it. So if you read this far I guess you might have thought my introduction was somewhat interesting. Through out the whole semester I will be updating this Blog with my thoughts on critical theories so look out for the updates I promise more than one shall be interesting and will catch your attention till then I leave you with quote:
The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination sees in every object only the traits which favor that theory.”- Thomas Jefferson (